My awesome little hiking dog, Jemma!

picture of my dog Jemma out on a hike

I created this shop for people who love the beauty in nature. You love the outdoors, you love wildflowers, plants, and the little critters who make their homes among them. You like classic patterns and designs that take root (no pun intended) in the world of floral art. You're not into trendy, gimmicky stuff that will be popular today and fall into the "What's Out" list tomorrow.

You believe that you’re part of the community of nature, that loving nature is about celebrating the earth. Living with beautiful objects that pay tribute to the natural world helps you reconnect with nature by creating a path between the indoor and outdoor you.

Each illustration you'll find in my home decor and apparel products is an original. I use no clip art in my pieces. All the motifs used in the fabrics are unique. The care I put into creating each piece is done with pride and artistic integrity. 

At the Snoring Dog Studio shop, you'll find beautiful, affordable home decor and apparel using original wildflower prints created by me. Welcome and enjoy!

About My Vendors

Art of Where: By manufacturing and sourcing locally, Art of Where helps reduce its carbon footprint. Their headbands are made of "eco-poly," a fabric produced by a processing system that reduces the amount of water consumed during the manufacturing of polyester fabrics. Eco Polyester products use 70% less water, 70% less energy, and 70% less heat when creating versus typical textiles. 

Their paper waste is recycled in the city and excess clothing items or imperfect garments are donated to innercity shelters.

Gooten: Gooten's manufacturer uses textile products that can be recycled and their inks are water based.

By choosing Print on Demand products, you're ensuring that only items that are ordered are printed. There's no inventory or waste.