I realize that insects play an important role in nature’s lifecycle, but I’d rather not see most of them. I believe that all insects should take a lesson from the ladybug. Dress yourselves up, do some exercise to get that cute little hourglass figure and then learn to scamper daintily about instead of doing that slithering or hopping thing.

Last week, during a hike in the Boise foothills, I came across this:

It wasn’t easy stopping to take a pic of it. I fought the urge to run away. I shoved the hysterical screaming back down my throat and got out my smartphone. GAWD, almighty.

But stop for a second. Don't look away. Take a look at the outfit it’s wearing! I have to say, this is one smartly attired bug. Sort of prison chic. The stripes pair nicely with the orange hues.

Stripes are still in!

Speaking of stripes, I love how Kris Jarrett combines stripes with florals in her bedroom redo. The fabrics tie in through a universal color. Mixing patterns isn't about matchy-matchy. Instead, think about what goes together. (I also love her rescued Boston Terrier!) 

I thought it was striking and clever how the designers at Classy Clutter layered a gorgeous, colorful Persian rug over a striped one. It works. Really well. And I'm going to copy that idea.

A long time ago, I tried striping my bedroom wall, primarily to cover up the wallpaper seams. It was mildly successful. It’s done so much better here on Martine Claessens site. 

This striped pouf at the Purple Rose would look great in my living room. I've got a floral rug and floral pillows and I need some stripes! 

and I really like saying “pouf.”

I saw these striped barricades on the net. How cool are these?

When I got home from my hideous bug hike, I made a pattern using the bug as inspiration. Here it is on one of my Tea Towels.