This spring in the Mountain west has provided so much inspiration for my fabric patterns! We had a very wet spring season, so it must have made the ground very happy. We've been rewarded with a tremendous variety of spring wildflowers, some of which I've never seen before. While hiking both in Oregon's Smith Rock State Park and here in the Boise foothills, I encountered the Mariposa Lily--two varieties! Mariposa is Spanish for "butterfly" and to see these flowers fluttering in a welcome breeze is really delightful, especially during a long, hot hike.

Because the mariposa lily grows from a bulb it's able to survive wildfires. Boise had a bad fire year last year, which explains their abundance this spring. After a wildfire, the bulbs produce greater numbers of flowers than in average years. Apparently, they take advantage of the nutrient-rich soil and the lack of competition from other plants.

It makes climbing hills a lot more pleasant when you can stop and admire the beauty around you. 

These are the two varieties I've seen so far on two separate hikes.

Picture of mariposa lily

Picture of Sego (Mariposa) Lily

I designed this pillow the other day to add to my collection. It's called Mariposa Bright. You can find it here. I'm working on some watercolor renditions next!