Do YOU make the best of the good times and the worst? Do you hang in there knowing that life is a continuous cycle of ups and downs?

We could all take a lesson from the hardy Ocotillo cactus, found throughout the Sonoran and Chihuahuan deserts from southeastern California to western Texas and south into Mexico.

After a good soaking rain, the Ocotillo will be covered with small oval leaves, but as soon as the soil dries out, they fall off. Fortunately, the stems of the plant can take in chlorophyll for photosynthesis, allowing it to survive during the dry seasons in its environment. That’s making the best of a bad situation.

Ocotillo (pronounced oh-koh-TEE-yoh) means “little torch” in Spanish. In full bloom, this lovely, graceful cactus makes the desert glow brightly.

In southern Arizona, blooming coincides with the northern migration of hummingbirds.

What I love most about the Ocotillo is its tall, lanky but graceful structure. It’s a beautiful contrast against the round, pudgy shapes of barrel cactus and the flat ovals of the prickly pear.

You can actually make a living fence out of it! Here's a link to a how-to.

And, because I have a bias for orangish flowers, it’s my Design Inspiration today.

Enjoy these new products!

Ocotillo Dark Pillow Cover

Ocotillo Spring Pillow Cover

Ocotillo Humming Pillow Cover

Ocotillo Spring Outdoor Pillow

Ocotillo Tea Towel

Spring Ocotillo Tea Towel

Ocotillo Blooms Adjustable Strap Tote

Ocotillo Humming Adjustable Strap Tote

Ocotillo Humming Scarf

2 THOUGHTS ON “Design Inspiration - Ocotillo”

by Jean C.

Thank you, Hope! People might not see the beauty in the desert landscape, but it has its own particular appeal to me. I’m glad you stopped by!

by Hope Hill

I love the story of the cactus flower. It is such a beautiful thing in such a barren climate. I love how you have used that inspiration in the pillows and the towels. They are would make a stunning impact in any home decor.