No Red, No Green, No Frou Frou for My Christmas

December 12, 2017 0 Comments

No Red, No Green, No Frou Frou for My Christmas

When people ask me what my favorite color is, I can’t answer. But if they asked me what my least favorite color is, I’d have to answer, “forest green.” The green of Christmas! And my least favorite color combo? Red and green. The color combo of Christmas!

My taste in holiday decor seems to have changed this year. When I pulled out all my Christmas decorations after Thanksgiving (yes, I wait!), I was no longer thrilled with all the red and green. I have none of those colors in my house, after all. So, a lot of my decorations went to thrift shops this year. Once again, doing my part to support the regifting economy.

An aversion to red and green might put a damper on holiday decorating for most people, but I’ve been seeing a move towards nontraditional colors used for this holiday season. Some home décor bloggers I follow are featuring silvers, grays and blush pinks. Generally speaking, that palette is pretty and their homes look beautiful, but it's a little too frou frou for me.

I'm a basic, down-to-earth person who also likes sparkly things. So I mix the two ends of the spectrum here in my home. Sparkly and natural. Glittery and rough. Shiny ornaments and felted animals.

Here are some photos of my tablescape and my main Christmas tree. The table runner is one I designed. It's called "Gentle Winter" and it's part of my Winter Collection.

As far as the pics, I hope you'll excuse my less than professional photos. I'd have loved better lighting but we're locked in a very dreary inversion here in Idaho, living through days that look like someone poured dirty dishwater all over the sky. Pooh on the inversion!

This is December in Idaho

Here's my tablescape for Christmas this year. I painted the pine cones to match my decor and since I'm crazy about felted animals, they're making a prominent appearance throughout my home. It poses a hazard, however, because my pup, Jemma, loves to shred them. She's destroyed two already. Bad dog!

Cute little felted sheep, eh?

And here's a felted deer I got on sale at a florist's shop. So darn sweet. Stay away, Jemma!

I don't have a human-sized Christmas tree in my home because I don't have room for it. Well, I could make room, but then there's the misbehaving dog thing. My silver tree takes center stage in my living room. I got it at a local indie coffee shop on sale after one Christmas. I chose the blue ornaments because that's my color palette. I found them at a thrift shop. SCORE! 

Here's another view of the tablerunner. I drew the stylized pine cones and sprinkled in some pine needles. The fabric is cotton twill, a substantial material and the runner is wider than most table runners I've found.

Are you a solidly committed to red and green for the holidays? If not, what are your tastes in holiday color palettes? What ornaments are your favorites? Do you have a dog that eats felted animals? Have you ever given your dog a lump of coal for Christmas? Enough of the questions for now. Thanks for stopping by!

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