Colors That Go Together! (Though You Might Not Wear Them)

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Colors That Go Together! (Though You Might Not Wear Them)

A long time ago, my sister and I used to watch “What Not to Wear,” the premise of which was to help hapless, awkward people without a sense of style dress better. And “better” usually meant toss out the drab, shapeless, poorly assembled or outrageous clown outfits and move towards a more flattering look.

The contestants/victims were nominated by their well-meaning friends who believed that their companion was in dire need of a fashion intervention.

A call out to my friends: Please don’t nominate me. I know I’m a slob. And as far as color in my wardrobe—hey, black and gray are colors, right? A gray or black sweatshirt goes with everything!

I remember an occasion when I was much younger and living at home. My dad was getting ready to leave the house for work and my mom commented on his outfit. He had paired different shades of mustard yellow—a mustard yellow shirt, a mustard yellow tie, and mustard yellow pants. His shoes were brown. When my mother objected to his attire, he said, “What? These colors go together!”

Well, the one takeaway from that fashion victim show that stayed with me was the hosts’ repeated statement: Don’t try to find colors that match; combine colors that go together.

Go together. But here's the thing: I look out in nature and I see colors I’d never think of wearing together. Yet, in nature, these wild palettes just work. And work beautifully.

Lately, more and more, I’ve been taking instruction from nature when I sit down to design a new pattern for my floral home decor and apparel. My floral patterns are partly about the motifs: the flowers, leaves, seeds, etc., partly about the actual layout, and partly about the color palettes. Less and less am I concerned with whether the colors match; my question to myself is, “Do they go together?”

The answer is usually, “YES!”

Take a look at these color combinations that Mother Nature put together. Sure, if you saw someone wearing an outfit using these palettes, you might look twice and raise your eyebrows. But, maybe it’s time to rethink what goes together.

Asters: Purple, Lavender, Yellow, Lime green, Orange

My Inspired Product: 

Pillow: Blue Eyed Grass Floral (shop for it here)

Squashes: Green, Lime green, Yellow, Orange, Indigo blue, Ivory

image of squashes

My Inspired Product:

Ocotillo Humming Floral Pillow Cover (shop for it here)

Horse Chestnuts and Berries: Chocolate brown, Dark brown, Reddish brown, Pink, Orange, Wine, Tyrian purple, Yellow, Ochre, Tan, Green

image of horse chestnuts and berries

My Inspired Products:

October Flowers Floral Pillow Cover (shop for it here)


October Flowers Floral Beanie (shop for it here)

image of snoring dog studio floral beanie

Fern Forest: Yellow green, Sage green, Umber, Tan

My Inspired Products:

Autumn in the City Floral Pillow Cover (shop for it here)


Autumn in the City Scarf (shop for it here)

image of Autumn in the City Scarf

Single Leaf: Red, Purple, Green, Lime green, Pink

image of fall leaf

My Product Inspirations:

Moody Fall Floral Pillow Cover (shop for it here)

image of Moody Fall Pillow Cover

Moody Fall Floral Scarf (shop for it here

image of Moody Fall scarf

Leaves: Pink, Magenta, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Sage

image of fall leaves

My Product Inspirations:

Autumn Glory Sage Floral Pillow Cover (shop for it here)


Autumn Glory Sage Floral Scarf (shop for it here)

Verbascum: Yellow, Cream, Pink, Burgundy, Green, Taupe

 image of verbascum flowers

My Product Inspirations:

Lantana Boho Orange Floral Pillow Cover (shop for it here)

Boho Belle Beanie (shop for it here)

image of boho belle beanie

Pumpkin: Orange, Grey Blue (Air Force Blue), Blue green, Cerulean, Cinnabar (orange), Cinnamon, Coral

image of colorful pumpkins

My Product Inspirations:

Boho Gazania Floral Pillow Cover (shop for it here)

Gilia Lux Leggings (shop for them here). Design available on pillow covers, too!

image of Gilia Lux leggings

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