We weren’t cool in school. We did not drool, but we weren’t cool.

When I was in grade school living in Japan, nearly every day when I’d pass through the front doors of Chofu Jr. High, I’d trip over the rubber mat placed inside the door. Books and me, sprawling across the shiny linoleum floor, hoping no one saw that spectacle.

You remember what it was like—walking down the hall to your class, head down, clutching schoolbooks tightly against your fragile little soul. Awkward wasn’t just an adjective to us; it was the fabric of our being. We were late bloomers, perhaps introverts, waiting to bloom.

Well, thankfully, most of us late bloomers do eventually bloom. Sometimes with some nurturing and sometimes out of sheer perseverence.

A Garden's Late Bloomers

I look forward to my garden’s late bloomers. Just when I think all the color has faded from my garden, just when I think the predominant palette of my garden is shades of brown, the late bloomers throw a party.

Now in mid August, the Rudbeckia and Helenium are in full bloom. In a few weeks, the Asters will follow. And each of these flowers will be every bit as lovely as the ones that bloomed earlier in the spring.

Rudbeckia (Blackeyed Susans)

Helenium (CanCan Helen's Flower)

image of helenium flowers



Later Can Be Greater

Here’s the thing about some early blooming wildflowers (and some people): They have their brief moment of fame and glory and then dry up and fade into obscurity. They get tons of attention early in the season but are often forgotten by mid summer.

Late bloomers take their time. They allow themselves to be nurtured by their experiences, to become wiser, and to develop their talents through exploration, hard work and patience.

There's nothing wrong with being a late bloomer. Like the late blooming wildflowers in your garden, you have a lot to look forward to! 

 And in the Shop

I created these late bloomer Pillow Covers and they're now available in different sizes and fabrics. From left to right: Rudbeckia Pillow Cover, Helenium Pillow Cover, Fall Asters Pillow Cover.