A few years ago, I saw some felted birdies in a local store and fell in love with them. Soon after, my brother-in-law gave me several large bags of felted wool. I still have some left, but I’ve used most of it to make felted birds and acorns.

But first, I bought a book titled, “Little Felted Animals” by Marie-Noelle Horvath. You can get it on Amazon. It’s a lovely book with excellent instructions and photos. You’ll need some felting needles—watch out, they’re sharp! My fingers and thighs can confirm that.

image of felting needles

During the winter, I made tons of birdies and acorns and when they were finished…well, I had tons of birdies and acorns. I’ve put them in bowls, sprinkled them in autumn table settings and attached them to branches I picked up during my hikes. They’ve made wonderful, personalized gifts, too. Here are a couple of pics of my attempts.

image of felted acorns

image of felted birds and acorns

I think everyone ought to have some crafting diversion. It’s better than drinking oneself into a slobbering stupor or gambling your life’s savings away, I suppose. And given the dreariness and tragedy in the news, well, I need a break, don't you?

You say you can't do crafts? You'd chop your fingers off or hot glue your hair to the desk? Listen, there’s a craft project out there for everyone—think I’m wrong? Check out the vast craft posts on Pinterest! And this past week, Katherine over at her blog, “Katherine’s Corner” has a post on Acorn Craftiness, which includes some cute and colorful acorn garlands for a tree.

Pick a craft, set aside some time and get lost in some other crafty world for awhile. Even if you don't manage to make a fantastic product, you'll forget about most of your troubles. You might have a nice gift for family or friends. And there's always the thrift shop.