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You're Timeless

You don’t follow trends. (They might just follow you.)

You're Down to Earth

You don’t need to prove anything—you’re comfortable with who you are.

You Love Nature

You’re inspired by the natural environment.

You Love Original ARt

You appreciate the work that goes into uniquely creative art. 

What People are saying about my products

Carolyn Master Gardener

The beanies are great! I’ve ordered 3 of them so far. They're very colorful and warm. They are lined with a contrast color that makes them pop. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on these because they are so darn cute! I will probably give them to all my friends for Christmas next year.

Shari - Master Gardener

Snoring Dog Studio products feature a fresh, colorful botanical and nature designs I love. The beanies are fun and light weight. I have pillows in a durable outdoor fabric and a nice linen like fabric. Combined with original botanical and native bird designs make them a wonderful addition to my home.


I've been delighted with my purchases from Snoring Dog Studio. Jean's artwork is fresh and vibrant and I love being able to give unique gifts that are so special. Of course, I've also purchased a few things for myself and especially love the tote bags, the floral tank tops, and the art prints. The only problem I've had is trying to choose out of of such a great selection. I highly recommend Snoring Dog Studio!

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